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The Sharkee Training Blades have been a familiar product to Homeland Security Agencies, US Military, Corrections and Martial Artists around the world since 1999.  When it comes to edged weapon training Sharkee provides a quality, non-degradable fascimile of the real thing.  It is favored because the designs have rounded tips, radius edges and offer a rigid platform necessary for performing disarms and evasive techniques critical during training.

Sharkee blades are in use in over 20 countries on 4 continents.  Sold through distributors and a company website they are often displayed at Law Enforcement Expos, Corrections Expos and Martial Arts Events.    If the Sharkee Blades have one drawback for me it is that they don’t degrade with use or break.  I have never replaced one due to product failure so therefore I must continually find new customers as the old ones keep using their blades forever.”

Like many other quality products in the Martial Arts arena the Sharkee Training Blades came from a desire to make a better tool for use in my chosen field. While teaching knife skills at my school it became apparent that the simulated knife products of the day each had positive and negative qualities. Wooden knives would splinter over time and had sharp tips and crisp edges. Rubber products easily tore in a very short time and also were too pointed. Aluminum knives could develop burrs and were heavier than the others; which could make for some “uncomfortable” moments during drills. While each of these tools have drawbacks I still utilize them for their inherent benefits for particular scenarios. I have in my gear bag; rubber, wood, metal, foam and of course lots of Sharkees.

What I wanted though was a product that would not degrade during use, was affordable, had rounded tips and radiused edges and was closer to the weight of a real knife. By bringing these qualities together in one product I would be able to widen the margin of safety to students and put it in the price range that anyone could afford. {Note:  No training product is 100% safe and any training undertaken should be done with an experienced instructor supervising at all times and the wearing of protective equipment. In the case of knife training quality eye protection MUST be worn at all times during that training.}

Originally the Sharkees were intended for my own students but quickly evolved into a small sideline while teaching at my martial arts school. Today, I am still teaching mixed martial arts on a part time basis while working full time to produce and market the Sharkee Knives and develop even more useful tools for the members of the Martial Arts Community, Law Enforcement, Corrections and Military throughout the world.

Some of the qualities that make Sharkee unique:

1. Won’t splinter.
2. Won’t tear or break.
3. Choice of colors.
4. Light and balanced.
5. Blunted tips and edges.
6. Wil not puncture your expensive mats.
7. Affordable.
8. When combined with the VirtualBlade Marking System make the most affordable easy clean marking knife on the market.
9. They float (Don’t laugh this can be important to SPECOPS training as they do fighting scenarios in water and the Sharkees are easy to find after the disarms.)

I am ever grateful to my customers over these many years for their business, referrals and kind praise of the Sharkee products. Because of you I am able to live my dream of working my own business while being in constant contact with like minded people. People who find training and sweating in hand to hand combat, a warm gun, and great comradship the best way to spend their free time.

Thank you,

Morgan Thomas